Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Jeff has been working on the coach quite a bit.

The wheels were pulled and the brake components repaired / inspected as needed.   In addition, the wheel bearings were inspected and lubed.  Everything looked good and the brakes now work properly.

Jeff installed 4 new aluminum wheels,  moving the two steel wheels from the front to the inside rear position, and the new wheels on the rear outer and front positions.   New tires installed and the rig is ready to run.

After the first driving test,  Jeff called with some questions about my installation of the rebuilt carb and I explained that the throttle connections had puzzled me a bit, but I finally got it setup to where pushing on the gas increased the engine speed.   Jeff said the rig would only do about 20mph, and nowhere near full throttle.   I suggested that I may have used the wrong mounting hole for the ball post that the throttle linkage snaps on to and Jeff said he would look at the pictures I sent of the original carb and see if he could figure it out.   

Jeff got the carb straightened out and says the bus runs well now.

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