Thursday, May 12, 2016

Slow time - other projects

Well, I have not been working on Retro much for the past month or so,  I have been busy with some other projects that came up.   I did buy a used MIG welder, and also managed to sign up for some MIG welding classes (seemed like a good idea).

Took Retro for a spin last weekend, never good to have a vehicle just sit.   I put gas in the recently drained front tank, so now the generator has access to fuel,  I just need to get it connected to the battery so I can try to start it.  I am sure it will need some work to get it running.   

I should be able to get back on task with Retro in the next week or so.

My current idea of a task list is:

1.  Weld patch on floor where water tank drain was.
2.   Patch screw holes where old wood subfloor was screwed to steel deck
3.   Replace rear window seals - current seals are dried out and cracked,  is cause of significant rainwater leak into bedroom - probably responsible for part of the damaged wood.
4.   Replace wood subfloor in bedroom

That should keep me busy for a while !

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