Sunday, June 12, 2016

Floor patched

I have patched the big hole in the floor where the water tank drain was!

I bought a MIG welder (seems like a handy thing to have if you own a 50 year old all-steel motorhome)  from Craigslist.  It was a pretty sweet deal including the cart and a gas bottle, and a very slightly used Lincloln 140 welder.

I worked to get the steel patch as close of a match as I could to the hole, it had some pretty good gaps part of the way around, but was pretty tight in some places.

I welded carefully - not running a bead too far at a stretch so that I would not overheat the thin steel and cause it to sag.  In some parts of the circle I was filling a gap of perhaps 3/8 ".

As you can see above, it is pretty lumpy and bumpy at this point, so I got my power grinder out and spent the next hour grinding away metal that it seemed to take mere minutes to put in place - 15 minutes of welding and an hour of grinding!

At this point, the deck is smooth enough to install the wood over,  so I am done grinding.  I painted with some primer to match the rest of the floor.  I also sprayed underneath with some rust-oleum undercoat paint.

I am pretty happy with this patch - it is my first experience welding.  I have signed up for welding classes at the local community college,  I would really like to KNOW what I am doing instead of guessing.

More to follow!

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